Monday, November 5, 2007


Another of the wonderful documentaries I saw at the Ful Frame Documentary Film Festival in N.C. is coming to Portland this Thursday (see below). "Lumo" is actually a student film, and very deftly conveys the lives of women in the Congo who have suffered the effects of rapes so brutal that their insides are all torn up. The women seem very real, like girls you might meet--and yet the bravery their circumstances require of them is unthinkable. One of the things I like about the film is that it is really told from the perspective of the Africans, rather than saviors from the white world. In fact, the hospital where most of the film takes place is run by a group of heroic African mother figures who are truly inspiring. I can't find DVD release info anywhere yet so watch for it in your area if you can't make the showing this week.

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